Your chi

What does chi mean for you?

Everyone is on a unique life journey. The journey can be smooth, sometimes it’s rough and other times it doesn’t feel right.

It can be hard to know when the time is right for change. Most of us have lost the ability to trust our instincts because we’re increasingly overstimulated and constantly distracted by modern technology.

This is where the ChiChart app comes to the rescue. Have you heard the saying ‘timing is everything?’ Well, it’s true. Chi is dynamic and constantly changing and it’s all about timing and momentum. The ChiChart app cleverly calculates your energy with the daily chi and generates a result so you know how, when, and where to expend your efforts without wasting your valuable time.

ChiChart will help guide you in your daily life assisting on your journey of self-discovery so you feel happier, healthier, more connected and abundant.

Get to know your chi

We’ve made it simple to use by providing five key life categories to focus on – Connect (Relationships), Wealth (Finances, Career), Develop (Education, Self-Development), Create (Creative Expression, Productivity), Wellbeing (Self-Care).

ChiChart delivers daily guidance on each of these categories. You can also view a month ahead to plan events utilising the appropriate energy to support them.

ChiChart is more than a personalised planning tool. It was designed to empower you!  Use the ChiChart app daily to improve your relationships, express your creativity and create happiness and abundance.

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Log your mood and feel your chi

Tap into your chi by tracking your energy and journaling how you feel. Plan the week ahead with conscious self-awareness setting strategies to create a successful, happy life.

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